Saturday, August 4, 2012

Leibster Blog Award. Thank You.

Hi Everyone!

     It appears that the Liebster blog award is going around...again. I've already received it once, but there are new rules now so it's practically a different award, right? No. But this is me treating it like a different award to give me a reason to get excited and happy and stuff. I was actually awarded this twice this time around - once by Rianna at Frankly, My Dear and once by Kevyn at The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World. Wasn't that nice of them? I think so. 

    Now, I mentioned new rules. They are: 1) Tell eleven things about myself [I'm guessing these are supposed to be things you didn't already know] 2) Answer the 11 questions the person who awarded you asked [I'll be answering 22 seeing as how Kevyn and Rianna both had questions] 3) Tag eleven bloggers 4) Ask the eleven that I tagged eleven more questions. Fun, right? I think so. Let's move on. 

11 Things You Didn't Know About the Girl Behind the Blog:
  • I am seriously obsessed with Queen Elizabeth II and Catherine Middleton right now. No, really. Go look at my tumblr
  • The Storm of War by Andrew Roberts is my new favorite book.
  • I'm writing a screenplay at the moment (and I think I actually might finish it someday, I mean, not quit in the middle).
  • I love Converse.
  • If I had time and decent TV channels I would be obsessed with the Olympics right now, that's the kind of person I am.
  • My best friend and I call each other Margo and Jenny after the characters in 1946's Behind the Mask and The Missing Lady.
  • Auf Weiderseh'n is my favorite phrase.
  • I'll Never Smile Again is my all-time favorite song.
  • I'm not a feminist, really. Really.
  • My favorite animals are elephants.
  • I love to knit. And, yes, I realize that saying that probably makes me sound like my grandmother.  
11 Questions from Rianna: [My choices are in bold]

  1. Ingrid Bergman or Greta Garbo
  2. Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney
  3. Julie Andrews or Judy Garland
  4. Cary Grant or Clark Gable [Yes, at the moment if you held up a Cary Grant movie and a Clark Gable movie I would go with Cary, shameful as it is]
  5. Deborah Kerr or Greer Garson 
  6. Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire
  7. Ava Gardner or Lana Turner [Going with Lana although I don't really like her because I want to die when I see pictures of Ava]
  8. Errol Flynn or Tyrone Power
  9. Myrna Loy or Carole Lombard
  10. Montgomery Clift or James Dean [Who or Who? Seriously missing something here]
  11. Katharine Hepburn or Bette Davis [Oh! Let's make Natalie pick between her two least favorite actresses. Let's make her decide who she hates more!]
11 Questions from Kevyn:

1. What is your favourite film of all time?

      The Lady Eve (1941)

2. What was the first film you saw in a theater?

     I don't actually know...I want to say Finding Nemo.

3. What is your opinion on the Oscars?

     Love them. Hate them. Best thing ever. So overrated. They're idiots though, honestly, all of them because Missy never won an Oscar.

4. On average, how many movies do you watch per year? 

     I reckon it averages out to about 15 movies a month. How many is that? [180]

5. What is your favourite decade in cinema?

     The 1940s

6. If you could switch places with any movie character, who would it be?

     Ann Mitchell from Meet John Doe. Yes I want to be a newspaper columnist. Yes I want Gary Cooper to be in love with me.

7. What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

     His Brother's Wife (1936). Mwahaha!

8. Audrey Hepburn - worthy of her hype?

     Uh. No.

9. How long have you been writing about movies?

     One and a half years. Approximately.

10. Who is your most hated movie character?

     Ashley Wilkes. Die, Ashley, Die. There was someone else, but I can't remember who.

11. What is your favourite movie musical number?

     Let's say Make Way for Tomorrow from Cover Girl (1944) because I can't think of anything else right now. And oh how I do love that song anyway.

Now, to pass it to eleven worthy beings:

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And 11 [Super Random] Questions for them:
1. In film do you prefer black&white or color?
2. In photographs do you prefer black&white or color?
3. Your favorite era in music?
4. Do you have a tumblr?
5. Your second favorite actress?
6. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actress?
7. Your second favorite actor?
8. Your favorite movie starring your second favorite actor?
9. Favorite foreign film?
10. Ice cream or French fries?
11. If you could see your favorite actress in any movie role [real or imagined] what would it be?

Thanks again, Rianna and Kevyn!

Until Later On~


  1. Natalie chose Cary Grant over Clark Gable. Natalie chose CARY GRANT OVER CLARK GABLE. Oh, happy, HAPPY days!

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Natalie. I really appreciate it. And oh, may I just say, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (I think you'll know why I did that, too ;)

    1. You're welcome. K, guys! It's not that exciting! Just the end of my world is all...

  3. Thanks for the Liebster Blog Award! While it is true, as you noted on my blog, that I recently won the award, I'm still going to answer your questions. How can I not? I might even have to do another "pre-make" kind of poster for my second favorite actress, who is probably Irene Dunne. Now I only have to think of what movie that would be. Hmm ...

    1. Oh good! Can't wait to see your answers! XD

  4. Thanks you so much for the Liebster award, Natalie! I'm travelling right now, so unfortunately I won't be able to make a proper response for over at least a week but I wanted to say thanks! Means a lot to me. And the 40s is my favorite decade too.

  5. Congratulations on the screenplay you're working on! :)


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